February was a challenge

The biggest event for February was our stay in the hospital with RSV. Alex got RSV one week and gave it to Leo a day or so later. We tried to keep them separated but that doesn’t really work with twins. When we got to the hospital Alex was pretty bad but turned around quickly. Leo on the other hand took a long time to get better. We spent about a week there with Leo and they are just now getting back to normal. Otherwise it was a good month for us, Alex is growing well and is already in 9 month clothes. Leo is usually in great spirits and loves to roll around.

School is going great, my student teacher has basically taken over and is doing a good job of planning and teaching so I really just have to worry about chem. I do have one major change coming next year, I’ll be teaching religion. One of our religion teachers is retiring and I offered to switch so I guess it’s time to go back to school.

2 thoughts on “February was a challenge”

  1. I’m so glad your baby boys are doing so much better. They’re adorable and treasured!

  2. Adorable!! The challenges and blessings of being a parent are doubled with 2!! Prayi g for continued blessings for you and your growing family!!

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