Prom with Megan

School went well this month. My student teacher is doing well in 6 of my 7 classes and I get to have fun with the seniors. The 7th graders made a map of the US listing endangered animals and are now learning about plants, the 10th graders are learning about phylums of animals and the seniors are struggling through equilibrium constants. As we get closer to May I get to write more recommendation letter but since I only have 14 seniors now it’s been less this year. We also had prom this month and Megan and I got to go to dinner together. It was a bit of a struggle finding sitters since our normal ones were at prom but one of our sitters worked real hard to find a partner and it worked out.

On the family front I got to be Andrew Donlan’s Confirmation sponsor. It was very neat and we made the trip to Lincoln and back one Tuesday night. The boys were very well behaved for both rides and during the long mass. The boys are doing better, they’re over the RSV but still have the small coughs they’ve had most winter. We’re looking forward to spring. They had their follow ups for the ASDs and that went okay, Alex’s is still there but they just want to check it again in a year and Leo’s is partially closed. Again they will recheck his next March. They’re eating “solids” well and we are switching to a normal (cheaper) formula. They seam to be taking it well. Both boys are getting teeth, Alex is wining that race which is good since Leo is rolling all over the place and Alex is content to just be for now. They both enjoy petting the dogs and the dogs seem to be okay with it for now.