One To Go

April was a fun month for School. We’re wrapping up with Seniors and probably took the hardest test I give all semester in Chem II. Balancing redox reactions is never easy. The seniors are getting ready to be done and are pretty excited this is their last week. Well they’re excited and tired and stressed and can’t wait. In 7th we’re going over basic human anatomy. We’ve covered the bones, muscles and started the digestive tract. They seam to be enjoying it but it’s a fair amount of information. Biology is finishing our unit of reptiles, birds and mammals before we move on to anatomy as well. My student teacher finished up last week. He’s going to Ord and going to do a great job but it’s weird not having him. First I have to teach all day now and second when I get here I’m all alone. Neither of those is fun after having a student teacher all semester. We also had a chance to go the the last home game for Kearney’s new baseball team. It was good to see some of my students play. We also did another day of service. My high schoolers and I went to a retirement home to play bingo and be with the seniors. I have started to pack up for my move to a different classroom. Since I’m teaching religion next year I don’t get to stay in my nice science lab. On that not if you want a job teaching science, we want you.

At home things are going well with the twins. Megan’s family came for Easter. It was good to see them all and we had a great Easter meal. Alex and Leo continue to get better. Alex has no cough and Leo’s is almost gone now. They’re growing and getting their own personalities more each day. The dogs are doing well with them, in fact Alex seems to love petting them and they both take it well.