Schools Out

It’s a good feeling to be done for the summer. May went well and our classes finished up nicely. It’s different each year to lose the seniors in early May and this class was the first class I taught for more than one year so that feeling was very different. We finished the year in bio and life science learning about the systems in the human body and the students did very well with that. The kids are doing well, most of the time. Leo went to the hospital a couple of times with pneumonia or asthma and now he’s on a new asthma medicine that will hopefully help him more. Alex is doing great health wise and is a nice calm kid. Leo is crawling all over the place and has to be moving. It’s been nice to be home with both of them the last week and their naps are making that more enjoyable. On a side note we bought a van to fit them and the dogs better. It’s been very convenient and make life easier. Here’s a couple pictures and a prayer for a nice summer.