Officially Ours

Our big news for the month was that Alex and Leo became officially ours June 17th. We got to go to the Courthouse and answer some questions for a judge and now they’re ours. It’s a good feeling to have that taken care of. It has taken a long time to get here but Leo and Alex are worth it. We had some other fun in June as well. We went to a Mariners/Twins game up in Minneapolis. They kids did great even though it was really hot and the game was good even though the wrong team won. Since we got a van last month the drive up and back was significantly better as well. We also took the kids to the pool a few times. They really enjoy splashing and crawling around in the zero entry part of our city pool. We’ve taken some walks with them and the dogs as well, until it got too hot for the dogs. We went to Charlie Brown the musical in Yanney Park and the twins sat through it great and seamed to enjoy it. At the beginning of the month we had Alex and Leo’s one year pictures taken. We did it on a little league baseball park and they sat there great. I can’t wait to get the prints back. Lastly we moved them into their nursery. It’s across the hall from our room; they sleep in it well and it’s nice having our room back, at least until we put the dogs back in it.