Family Reunion

July was a busier month than June but was fun all the same. We started the month by going to my mom’s for the fourth of July and saw some family. Their block has a large party and lights a lot of fireworks so that was fun to see. Alex and Leo also got to go swimming which they really enjoyed. After that Megan and I worked on the back to school packets so they could be mailed out while we were on vacation. After that we headed to Oregon for our family reunion. It was a great time and we saw lots of families we hadn’t seen for a long time. Our kids were only a few of the young ones there and they seemed to enjoy playing with their cousins. We also had the chance to take them tide-pooling and to the beach. Both kids picked up a crab and tried to eat it. They seamed pretty interested in the life in the pools. We also got to see whales and seals while tide-pooling. Alex and Leo also got to experience the ocean for the first time. The both seamed to like the soft sand but didn’t really love the ocean, it was pretty cold. They both did very well on the plane and car rides which made the trip a lot better. Now it’s time to get my classroom ready for the coming school year. Changing rooms means lots more work than normal in August.

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  1. Hi Nephew. Those are great pics of you, Mrs. G, and the boys on the Oregon Coast. Thanks for sharing.