Back to School 2019

The biggest thing to happen in August was Megan and me going back to school and the boys going back to daycare. They were not too happy about that for a few days but they’re now liking it again. School started well, there was a bit of shuffling around with my schedule but it looks good now. My biggest adjustment is teaching Religion. I now teach sophomore and junior religion along with my dual credit biology class. It’s been interesting teaching religion, I’m really enjoying it and I hope the students are too. I also changed rooms. My new room is older but it has windows. I’ve taught for 9 years and this is my first time with windows. Being part of the religion department has been interesting also. I had some input on the dedication of the Chapel and got to read at it. We’ve made it to a softball game and a football game already so hopefully we can take the boys to more games this year. We went to the state fair to meet the Donlans and got to see their 4-H projects. We also saw some baby animals. The month ended with all 4 of us being sick but we’re on the mend now so that’s good.