Fall is Here

We had a lot of fun this month. Early in the month we took Alex and Leo with a few friends to the Omaha Zoo. They seemed to enjoy the animals and aquarium. Each boy was awake at different times and it was interesting to see them notice the animals or plants. Megan’s parents came for a visit and it was nice to see them for about a week. The only downside was everyone was sick at some point that week. We also took the boys to the band day parade. They really seemed to enjoy the music and kids marching by. We ended the month by going to Alumni band day, although it was cold so we didn’t stay long, and a pumpkin patch.

In school we had Homecoming week last week. That was entertaining to say the least. We also took the boys to the football game Friday night. We haven’t been the best at getting to activities with them but we’ll try harder. Classes are going well. My seniors are doing great in dual credit and I’m getting more comfortable with religion. I’m also taking a graduate level theology course which I’m really starting to enjoy. That has already helped in class, I can only hope the next ones are as good.

That’s basically it for September. The next big challenge is figuring out Halloween costumes.