Thanksgiving in Wisconsin

We did some fun things this month. It started with a party for a couple of Alex and Leo’s friends’ birthdays. They got to play with balloons and lots of other kiddos. We had lots of fun around the house when Leo got hand foot and mouth. He stayed home from daycare for a week but somehow Alex never got it and was the only kid younger than preschool at daycare all week. Our biggest adventure was going to Wisconsin for Megan’s family Thanksgiving. It was almost a ten hour trip but the kids did great. The travel days got move up on both ends because of winter weather but it was great to see family.

School is going well. My grad class is over until spring and that’s a great feeling. I’m getting into more of a routine in class and the kids even remind me when I forget things now. We have 12 class days left before finals and I’m beginning to feel the crunch especially in Dual Credit Bio. Pray all goes well.