Last two months

Sorry I didn’t get out a post last month, not sure what happened and then it just got away from me. In December we had fun decorating our house with two 18 month olds trying to destroy everything. Needless to say we had less decorations out this year than in years past. At the beginning of December, Leo got tubes put in. It seems to have helped his ear infections which is nice. For Christmas we went to Lincoln and had my moms families large Christmas party. Everyone in my immediate family made it so that was nice to see everyone. However, the boys decided to develop some shyness right before Christmas so their encounter with Santa was traumatizing. For New Years Eve we hung out with some friends like most years. Our kids did pretty well but we still ended up going home before midnight. The semester started well again in January but getting back into the routine was a bit tough. I’m still really liking teaching Religion and it seams my students are learning something. The biggest change in my school life this year was the addition of our new eSports team at KCHS, which I am now coaching. It’s been a ton of fun and our first match last night went very well. We’re playing two games this semester Smash Bros, and League of Legends. The kids are very excited about it and glad I offered to coach. Megan is less excited but very supportive nonetheless. We have a twitch channel at if you’re really board. Hopefully the videos will get better as the year goes along. I guess that’s about it for two month of our lives, here are some pictures.

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  1. I see the Christmas tree couldn’t get out and wander about the house! Thanks for your updates; they are a fun way to keep up. It’s a wonder with all you have to do (and with two-legged and four-legged help) that you get time to create these.

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