back to school

Here we are starting a new school year. I know I have not been keeping this site up much over the summer but as most of you have experienced, you haven’t missed much. We did manage to go to Lincoln a few times to see my family and made it down to Kentucky to see Megan’s. Otherwise the boys are growing and staying healthy. They continue to interact more each day, sometimes well and sometimes less than ideally but it makes for an interesting time.

This school year will also prove to be an interesting time. My classroom is spread out, my cleaning supplies are at hand and my mask supply is ample. After all those I get to actually begin the art of teaching. I’ve learned a lot in my grad classes over the last year and will attempt to use that knowledge to make my theology classes that much better. Hopefully this year can contribute to a better understanding of the big picture of our lives. I will try to instill that in my students and colleges and pray that that will help us through this time.

Any prayers are always welcome. I pray you are doing well and will continue to through the twists and turns of 2020.