Hello all, November was another good month with our twins, Alex and Leo. they are growing very fast and we are enjoying seeing them change. They can be a challenge at times but they bring us lots of joy. I went hunting a couple times with the dogs. Ollie is getting better each time we […]

Busy month

October has been fun month. Megan returned to work towards the beginning of the month and it’s been nice going to work with her again. Taking Alex and Leo to daycare was odd but they did really well and we like our daycare. Otherwise the boys did well eating and growing and we even got […]

When September Ends

Hello everyone, another month has gone by in our lives and this month has been very different than the last. Alex and Leo are doing great and Megan and I are getting better at being parents. Right now they still eat, sleep, and poop a lot but they’re doing more each and every day. It’s […]

Life will never be the same

Hello everyone I have some big news for you. Megan and I adopted a set of twins this month. Alex Franklin and Leo Edward were born in July and came home to Nebraska this week. We started the adoption process 4 years ago and have been waiting ever since. It was a crazy month and […]


Hello all, I know I missed last weeks post but I’m going to blame the on the fact that detasseling started last Friday. Yes we’ve been detasseling for a week now and we’re still having fun. No but really it’s not too bad; we get to be in a field to see the sunrise, find […]

Happy Birthday to me

Hello all, this week was our family adventure. We started out by going down to St. Louis to see my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. While there we went to the science center, a history museum and a Cardinals game. The science center was really neat and the game was good after the sun went down. […]

Simple week

Not much happened this week in Kearney , I had a safety meeting for detasseling but otherwise we really didn’t have anything scheduled. This gave me time to read, play video games and be with Megan. We went fishing one night and caught some bluegill. We also took the dogs on some walks. The biggest […]