Separating liquids?

This has been a pretty fun week at least in my opinion. In 7th we talked about how plants move in response to light and gravity and then we planned for a Martian green house and what that would need to survive. In bio we’ve been learning about reptiles, birds, and mammals. We did a […]

Snow in april

We started the week with prom on Sunday. Its a fun time to see all the Junior and Seniors dressed up and looking nice. They also got Monday off school so that made Monday a bit slow for me. In 7th we’re learning about plants and studied germination. We started to grow some seeds in […]

April’s here

April’s here at KCHS and we had a 4 day week! The week started with Easter and Megan and I went to the Holy week Masses at both Prince or Peace and St. James. They were all good and it was neat to see the different students at each parish. The Chem students are learning […]

Fridays off mess me up…

This was Holy Week and here at KCHS we didn’t have school on Friday. It’s been very nice teaching at a Catholic School and this week reminds me more of that. I made a point to make a post on my day off but yet again forgot. Here are some cool things from the last […]

The cranes are back in town…

Good Morning, The cranes have arrived in central Nebraska! We took some students out Tuesday night to watch them and had a good time even though none of them landed in our stretch of the river we got to see lots fly very close to us. We also had a full week of school which […]

Another Friday Off

Hello there, we have another Friday off but I remembered to post today! We don’t have a week spring break at Kearney Catholic but we instead get a lot of “random” days off during March and April. During class this week the 7th graders have been learning about ecology and things like carrying capacity, niches, […]

Sorry I’m late

With no school yesterday I forgot to post so here’s a quick post from our first trap meet. Chem finished learning about benzene, 7th is studying ecology, tenth is looking at animal behavior, and advanced bio started the lymph and immune system. Not to many students out today since practices haven’t started but it’s a […]